"For us health and education are the engine of human progress and wellbeing"


We support a voluntary service that builds without asking for recognition, which operates without ulterior motives and which bans charity and pity.


Helping and contributing to the development of the most destitute and marginalized people in Uganda.


We believe in what we do: only projects on a human scale of proven need, sustainable over time and that significantly improve the living conditions of Ugandan rural populations.


The Association for Cooperation between Ticino and Uganda was conceived in 1992 and was officially born in 1994. Since then, around the key points of our interventions, which today constitute our main activities of development aid - water, education and health - there have been a series of other projects, which benefited the most disadvantaged categories of the population: women , children, disabled, prisoners.

Many of these projects are now proceeding independently, or they were successfully concluded, while others were not.

The birth of the association took place among the Scouts of the Canton of Ticino. This is the reason the motto recites ...

"Leave the world in a better situation than you found it"

During our years of activity we have collected several awards and certificates, some of these are necessary to us, as the certificate of incorporation that allows us to work in Uganda, others are useful to our supporters, such as recognition as a public utility that allows tax payers residing in Switzerland to deduct from the tax return their payments for ACT-U.

A look at the many goals achieved by the ACT-U since its foundation, at the beginning of the nineties, up to the most recent ones

History of ACT-U