Kalas Girls Primary School

the female school of Kalas, built and run by Ugandan nuns, deals with providing basic education to as many children as possible. The ACT-U contributes to this project by creating additional useful structures and services.

difficult conditions

In Karamoja, a mountainous and semi-desert area, the semi-nomadic herdsmen are confronted with continuous famines due to extreme aridity or torrential rains that force the population to the brink of the humanitarian crisis. Poverty, illiteracy, disease and the absence of economic opportunities are the main difficulties of the Karamoja society.


Children and girls are the main victims of these difficult conditions of life. Families are no longer able to keep their children: for males the easiest solution is to migrate to large cities where they will live of beggars and small crimes, for the females the prospects are just as unhappy as they are forced to prostitute themselves. or get married early. In addition to this there are also female genital mutilation, still practiced by some ethnic groups of Karamoja.

ACT-U contribution

For the Kalas Girls and its nearly 700 pupils, the ACT-U has built a new wing with 4 classrooms, a new dormitory, kitchen, new toilets and new showers, has contributed to food independence by funding a new cultivation of maize, has also provided the need for drinking water, among other things with a water well and with the capture of rainwater, has installed a solar lighting system and, constantly, supports all the school administration with small items such as soap, linen, blankets and other materials.

importance of education

By providing adequate education to these girls it is possible to avoid them from this vicious circle. A child who benefits from elementary education is more likely to escape early marriages than those who do not have this opportunity.

school roles

provide basic education to as many children as possible, with a thoughtful education, to avoid abandonment during the curriculum, so that marriage and mutilation imposed by the conditions will not come in play. In addition, the Kalas Girls, welcomes with the approval of the Ugandan police and government, all the girls who can escape from forced marriages.