• 21 boreholes completed!
    Despite some problems due to heavy rains and some boreholes that did not produce the expected results, we completed 21 of the 30 wells planned as part of the Shiny Village 11 project! We are proud of our new drilling team and thank everyone for their hard work and commitment! Follow the ...
  • We have reached borehole number 8 of the new Shiny Village project.
    The new water supply project is advancing with some delays. The first block of 10 boreholes is estimated to be completed by the end of March 2023. See photos in the gallery!...
  • Shiny Village 11 – first boreholes already delivered to communities!
    The Shiny Village 11 project is advancing! We have started drilling the second block of five boreholes. The first ones have already been delivered to the beneficiary communities! See the photos in the gallery....

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