Our Projects

We listen

to the needs of Ugandan rural communities, we never do anything that has not been asked.

We evaluate

every single request based on our experience and careful research on the spot, we do nothing unnecessary.

We negotiate

with the beneficiaries to define in detail both the project and the tasks of the parties, everyone must work.

We finance

part of our projects, we ask beneficiaries and our partners to participate in the funding.

"Health, education and water are the cornerstones of our interventions"


We are currently engaged in the following programs

Shiny Village

Our water-sanitation program contributes to the construction of wells for Ugandan rural communities, with the aim of improving their living conditions.

Kalas Girls' Primary School

Our support for Kalas female elementary school translates not only into structural improvements to the educational complex but also to ensuring decent living conditions for those directly involved.